Sunday, January 12, 2014

Contest Results !!

Oke everyone, time for some results !! As I indicated last Friday, 4 persons acutally commented on each and every of my 400 posts (now 402) !! Wow, just wow, they must really want these cards !!

In total 1777 comments were left during the contest and yes, it took a while to get these organised ! Oke let's first go to the 4 people that had over 400 comments:

Play at the Plate
Daniel Wilson
Richard Nebe Jr

In any event, even if you have the worst of luck and you don't win anything in the offical part of the contest I will send you some stuff anyways as this type of commenting behaviour should be rewarded !!

Oke, so the "rules" stated that I have 7 prizes and that the 1st and 2nd pick will be the ones that commented the most. So with 4 winners in this respect I moved to and, as I noticed with other randomizer procedures I randomized the list 3 times. Here's the result !!

Apologies, I am not a star in print screen but there you have it. DodgerPenguin has the 1st pick and once I have his pick in (I have a strong feeling which card that will be), it's Daniel Wilson's turn.

The second part of the prize distribution procedure is a randomization of the rest of the participants with people getting the number of entries inline with the scoring procedure. This means a randomization of almost 1,000 entries so that took a bit of work !! Here it is !!

Congrats to:

3. Night Owl
4. Rosenort
5. Greg Zakwin
6. Play at the Plate

The above ones can pick in that order !!

Last step is to randomize the group with people that participated but didn't win anything yet. This one will be the one man one entree principle for a chance to get your hands on the last card. Here it is !!

Congrats to Chuck Used Cards !! Not much to chose from anymore but at least a free card will be on its way to you soon !!

This means that we have one person who commented on all posts and did not win anything up to now: Richard Nebe JR. This feels like too big of a unjustice so Richard, shoot me your address and will send you a bunch of cards as well.

Thanks everyone for participating, hope you enjoyed the ride. I know I did !! Let's make 2014 another great year of collecting with lots of fun trades and blog posts !!

Let's see which cards the winners pick !


  1. First, once again, thank you for running this contest.
    Glad to see my buddy Greg in the top 6 as well.
    You are correct, you know the one I want....
    KID K... come on home

    1. Congrats andf thanks for participating. The Kershaw is yours ! Don't forget to e-mail me your address ! Daniel, you're up next !

  2. I'll take the Lincecum jersey. Thanks!

    1. Grats Daniel and the Lincecum is yours ! Send me your address ! Night Owl, you're up next !!

  3. Oke night owl, thanks ! Rosenort, you're up !

  4. I would take the Slade Heathcott, Thanks for the contest!!

  5. The Dirk Printing Plate please. I'll e-mail you my address tonight, and I was thinking we should try and put together a trade too. I saw a Kershaw (the Primary Pieces from Museum Collection) and some other stuff on your trade list (the Joc auto) that would look mighty fine in my collection.

  6. Cool Greg let's do that. Play at the Plate Brian, your turn !

  7. Damn you Greg Zakwin!! Just Kidding. Give me Chippah Jones. Thanks!

  8. Thanks Brian, Chuck that means the Sonny Weeks is all yours ! Do mail me your address, thanks !!