Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wow, what a contest !!

I was not expecting such an overwhelming response to the contest I launched a few days ago. The total comment count has reached 1,000 in the last hour !!!! Clearly some of you are making this a big battle and it's fun to see so thanks everyone for your efforts.

I am going to let the contest open until Friday night midnight so if you want you can get you last comments in. It's going to be a tight race I suspect !!

Good luck and more news this weekend !!

To end this post a cool card as every post needs a card !! One of my cool Kershaw cards I picked up over a year ago for less than $50. Just saw one for $180 on eBay, crazy prices !!!


  1. I think that's a very high price. Are they helping to pay for his eventual new contract?

    Also, it looks like "CL4n"

  2. Great looking card of a great pitcher! Sounds like you got a deal!

  3. !! $180 is more than I've spent on cards!!

  4. Makes the $50 you spent seem like a VERY good deal.

  5. Nice pick up and it will be a lot less then what the Dodgers pay for him! lol