Thursday, January 2, 2014

Soccer cards: Topps vs Upper Deck !!

Soccer is clearly not one of the most popular sports in the US but almost everywhere else is the most popular sport around. This, in combination with the fact that in most country outside of the US people frown upon adults collection cards, makes soccer cards fairly cheap and even cheaper during Black Friday ! That why I was able to get a box of 2012 Upper Deck soccer cards and a blaster of 2013 Topps MLS soccer cards, probably at 1/3rd of the price of a baseball card box.

Let's have a look shall we !! Let's start with 2013 Topps !

To be honest, I do not know a lot of the players that play in the MLS. The ones I do know are former soccer stars from Europe on the decline, spending a few last years in the US to make some money. I pulled two of those, Landon Donovan and one of the largest superstarts of the Premier League in the last 2 decades, Thierry Henry.

 The box also included a "hit", a cool Cooper auto card.....oke oke, I admit, never heard of the guy...I did see Robbie Keane play when he was at the Spurs, great player, cool card !!

Lastly, one of the Topps inserts, I like these and would love to pay a visit to the NY Red Bulls at some stage in the future.

Now let's move to Upper Deck ! Again with some ex-Premier League players, Henry in action and another cool Robbie Keane card !

One of the Dutch players, or I must admit a fairly mediocre player from Holland, who played well for one or two years and, I assume, got his MLS contract that way. Tim Howard was also there, another ex-Premier League player.

Let's end the Upper Deck overview with a "hit" as well. A relic card from Alejandro Morena, another player I have never heard of.....

So who do we like best when it comes to Soccer, Upper Deck or Topps ? Personally I don't like the Topps base card and think Upper Deck did a better job. However, when it comes to the inserts I really like the Robbie Keane insert by Topps. So all in all, I would lean towards Upper Deck in this case.

What do you guys think ? and anyone collection soccer cards ? I have plenty to trade now !


  1. I love soccer. Kenny Cooper has been around in the MLS for a long time and is a very well know popular name. Also that Tim Howard you pulled is an SP. Just an FYI.

  2. I think I'd rather watch this style of football than the American version... and it's always a hoot watching my niece playing the game.

  3. I liked playing soccer as a kid, but have never been a fan of watching it on tv.

  4. I only recognize Howard and Donovan.

  5. Man, I remember playing soccer. I wasn't all that bad for a small white kid.

  6. USA still has alot of catching up to do to the world

  7. I don't have any soccer cards, although I wouldn't mind having a Hope Solo or Mia Hamm auto.