Monday, January 27, 2014

COMC: Kershaw Style !

It was that time of year again (or actually that time of the quarter these days). I visited COMC and had the urge to check out of few of my key players, Kershaw, Glavine and Rizzo. Today I will show you some of the Kershaw cards with Glavine and Rizzo later in the week.

Let's start with the best card of the whole bunch, a card I have been wanting for a long time ! Meet Kershaw's Archival Autograph from the 2012 Museum Collection, love this card ! I picked up a green parallel of the base cards as well !

Next up, four more numbered cards, a 2012 Green Finest, a 2013 Blue Tribute, a 2013 Green Finest and a 2013 Brown(ish) Triple Threads !!

Let's stay with the colored parallel theme, here's two from Bowman, Blue and Orange......

........and two from Bowman Chrome, Blue and Purple......

.....and more Bowman, orange and purple !!

Clearly, there are so, so much more parallels to chase (getting a bit annoyed by it but hey, I am an addict) so if you have any from the players I collect let me know. In particular the retail versions are of interest as I have a hard time getting my hands on those from Europe !!

That's it for the Kershaw loot. More parallels later in the week from Glavine and Rizzo !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!


  1. Great lot.
    Love the Kershaw auto. Still wanting to add that one to my collection as well.

  2. Sweet pickups!

    By the way, still looking through your PCs and what I have. I should have a couple of scans to you soon!

  3. Hey, I actually have some of those!

  4. Love the cards. Definitely need to pick up that auto for myself.