Wednesday, January 29, 2014

COMC: Glavine Style !

Earlier this week it was Kershaw's turn, today it's Glavine !! I had some fun on COMC and here's what I received this weekend !

First up, a nice red Topps Chrome parallel but even more fun a card with Glavine playing Hockey (or as we call in Europe, Ice-Hockey). I think that it's great that a player can even chose in which field he wants to have his professional career given the skills he had !

Like with Kershaw, it's parallel time ! Here's two from Finest !

Two more from Topps Chrome !

Let's finish with a few more parallels: More Topps Chrome !!

That's the Glavine loot from COMC this time. Be on the look out for a post on the Rizzo loot soon!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

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