Monday, February 6, 2012

Box Break Loot from Nachos Grande

I recently participated in a fun box break run by Chris at Nachos Grande in which he opened boxes of UD Decades '70, 1999 Flair Showcase, 1999 Topps Finest & 2000 Fleer Gamers. As the Yankees were already taken I decided to take the Braves this time (I wasn’t able to stay awake for the box break sign-up opening which was after midnight Amsterdam time if I remember correctly). Furthermore, the randomizer gave me the Rangers as well. I feel I did pretty oke with some nice additions for my Tom Glavine PC and 71 cards in total !

Check out a selection below and apologies for the scans, it's my first picture post and I am still playing around with the lay-out options !

Some nice Glavines to add to my PC collection

I really like the UD Decades '70 design & feel and seriously thinking about collecting the full set

7 Chipper cards from one break, a new record for me ! and I don't even collect him !

A pair of Greg Maddux to end the overview !

All in all a fun break ! Thanks Chris for another exciting break, looking forward to the next one (which is actually going on right now so check out his blog Nachos Grande


  1. That Chipper 10-4 is cool. If you end up sending anything back over here to me, I'd trade for that one for my son.

    Good post!

  2. Ah, I would not trade my son for the card. I'm wanting to trade a card for that card so I can give it to my son. Yeah. Sorry.

  3. Haha, nah, I already have 2 sons that keep me up at night so not looking for an addition to that collection. Will save the card for you and your son !

  4. Kyle's comment was funny!! I spent a lot of money on cards during that time, but I don't remember seeing the Maddux Tradition card where he has on the glasses. Makes him look very smart, which I guess he was.

  5. Great cards of recent HOFamer Glavine

  6. The Braves of the 1990's were quite the team!