Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pitchers & Yankees PC Additions !

I recently started strolling eBay in search for some nice and fun additions to my player collection. Here’s what the mailman delivered:

I like these Triple Thread Relic Cards with this CC Sabathia a nice addition to my PC.

 Another great Yankees Pitchers card featuring not only CC Sabathia but Rivera as well !

The Top Tier One Relic set I like very much so it was an easy decision to pick up this Topps Tier One Tim Lincecum, one of the key pitchers I am collecting as well as one of the set I am collecting !

Lastly, a nice UD Piece of History card of Jeter, Cano and Giambi which is another nice addition to my Yankees collection as well as my Piece of History set collection, killing two birds with one stone !

Next up, hopefully soon, Topps 2012 entering the European mainland !


  1. Actually I just realized that I have a CC Sabithia relic from 2011 Topps baseball if you are interested in trading. It's a red cloth though. I'm not sure why. He's pictured as a Yankee on the card. Let me know if you are interested. And good luck on the blog!

    1. Thanks Jeremy for your comment, I have send you an e-mail

  2. I'm pretty clear about my feelings about the Yankees, but you can't go wrong with Mariano Rivera. That guy was a class act.

  3. Punk Ass Orange cards are the worst. Great trade bait though

  4. Great looking cards! Love the Triple Threads!

  5. that tier one Lincecum is awesome...