Saturday, February 11, 2012

Topps 2012 Loot: Some fun & interesting stuff !

So the last few days I have enjoyed myself breaking some Topps 2012 boxes that arrived in Continental Europe with some delay of course. Therefore, most has been said already so I won't bore everyone with yet another view on Topps 2012. So let's keep it simple and just show some loot !!

Note that my first contest on this blog, my Topps 2012 Free Redemption Card contest is still open so do check it out !

4 Golden Moment Relics which look fairly oke, no Yankees hits sadly enough...

My one Auto card in the 6 box break, Adam Lind of the Blue Jays

A pulled a bunch of minis and I like 'em so gonna collect the full mini set. Above my Yankees mini pulls

 2 SP's in my squirrel though....

1x World Series Champions pin card, I like these.....

David Price Silk card (#/50), I am going to chase the Yankees ones, especially Rivera and Sabathia.

So these were the highlights of the break. I will soon post what I am still looking for in my "want list" and I do have plenty of extra base cards in case you are missing some. Don't forget to check out my contest !


  1. If the Upton is up for trade, I'd like to set it aside for a future trade. My Yankees have been hounding me to send them on a trip to Europe.

  2. The Gibson is nice and the Silk too. I've picked up a couple of Rangers silk cards recently.

  3. That's a great shot of Granderson!

  4. The comments start here...
    Great looking Price, would look better in Dodger Blue

  5. Love the dirt on Granderson! I've always though about doing a dirty mini collection!

  6. the Upton brothers are from my hometown.