Monday, February 13, 2012

Lineage: Joey Votto Box Loader Pull

I have heard a lot of critisism about Topps Lineage 2011 but I actually quite liked the set so I decided last year to start collecting the set. When the time came to order some Topps 2012 boxes I couldn't resist to add some Lineage as well. As it turns out this box actually completed my base set !!

I am still on a quest to collect all the minis as well and simple the Yankees inserts of course. The box break had some nice cards in it starting with a couple of mini relic cards

Furthermore, I pulled two 3D cards: Jeter and Ichiro

The autograph in the box was from Fernando Rodney in Angels gear (having recently moved to the Rays if I am not mistaken)
Also, I pulled a great cloth sticker of Cano, a nice addition to my collection !
Lastly, the box loader was a nice relic (#/64) of Joey Votto of the Reds
From here, I will now focus on completing my mini set (although only just started so a long way to go !).

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back soon !


  1. If you want to trade it, I could use that Votto.

  2. Two Rangers hits!!!! I think you opened my box!

  3. nice relics but those 3D ones hurt my eyes

  4. Nice cards! I had no idea Rodney was ever an Angel until just a couple weeks ago.