Wednesday, February 22, 2012

JABO's box break loot arrives !

I recently participated in Kyle's Topps 2012 box break at his Juuust a bit outside blog and it was again a lot of fun and well organised. As usual I picked the Yankees and the randomiser gave me the Marlins as well.

As you might recall I recently broke some boxes myself so I actually completed the base set already. Still the break give me one missing card, one of the great pitchers I collect: a CC Sabathia's mini !!  

Granderson's mini was also included, guess he just finished a nice slide...

2 more minis were pulled, both up for trade !

I like these Golden Greats cards, still needs some to complete my set so check out my want list !

3 nice Golden Standard cards ! Sadly enough the white spaces were not filled with an auto...

To conclude, a fun break and again a bit closer to completing the insert sets ! Thanks Kyle for doing the break, keep an eye on his JABO blog as I expect more breaks coming up in the next few months (no pressure Kyle !).


  1. Come back JABO!! It looks like Joe D's bat is coming right at ya!

  2. That's a really great picture for the Stanton card.

  3. Hanley as a Marlin.... what year is this?
    = )