Monday, February 20, 2012

Honus Wagner

Since I started collecting baseball cards a while back I kept hearing the name Honus Wagner, being the one on the oldest or most expensive baseball card. Well, I assumed that as a new collector (based in Europe to make it more complicated) I was not going to see this Honus guy anytime soon. I was wrong !! A few weeks back when I pre-ordered some Topps 2012 box I also noticed a Topps 2009 box clearance so I figured, why not add one to my shopping cart. At the end of the break I pulled a nice Honus patch card, I know it's not one of the original Honus cards but still, I can now say I have a Honus in my collection (although at parties here in Europe that line doesn't do wonders yet, also not with my wife, as no-one here has a clue who he is :-)).

Here it is, a nice patch card numbered to #50 ! A shame Topps didn't really make the effort to make the patch fit nicely (as you likely noticed it's sticking out a little). 

Enjoy your Monday everyone !