Friday, February 17, 2012

Dimwit's loot arrives !

I recently participated in a fun box break, organised by Sam at TheDailyDimwit opening several boxes of 2007 UD SP Rookie Edition and 2009 UD Signature Stars. I chose the Yankees and Rangers and the randomizer gave me the A's and the Marlins as well. The package arrived this week with some nice cards !

Several Yankees from the nice SignatureStars set

My teams got me no less than three, yes three!, autos, I really like the Derek Holland Auto and not because I am from Holland !! A shame all 3 are sticker autos...

Some nice Ranger cards from the SignatureStars set as well !

 Some more Yankees for my collection !

Thanks Sam for a fun break, looking forward to the next one !


  1. Sam is a good guy and that Holland auto is SWEET!

  2. Ditto PATP re: Sam. Glad to see the Dimwit has returned!

  3. UD, the standard bearer for so many yrs. Nice pickups

  4. Nice loot! Love that term you use; loot!