Friday, February 24, 2012

Trade with Robert at $30 a week habit !

I recently came across Robert's blog $30 a week habit and noticed he was looking for a lot of UD Masterpieces cards. As I had loads of those I contacted Robert to set-up a trade and a smooth trade it was. I aways like Allen & Ginter and I still need a lot of minis as well as several relics from the set. Luckily, Robert had some in store for me so a trade was born !

Firstly, Robert send me 2 minis which I was still missing

Furthermore, he send me two cards of the animal insert set. I am still not sure why I am collecting these but I just want to finish the complete Allen & Ginter 2011 set so that includes these (call me obsessive) !!

Now back to baseball....Robert also send me one of the relic cards I was missing: Johnny Damon, almost became a Yankee again this year

Lastly, Robert send me a very nice A&G Auto card, Torres from the Giants

For me another nice trade so thanks very much Robert and enjoy the UD Masterpieces cards ! Do check out his blog $30 a week habit as well !

Thanks all for checking out my blog again. Have a good weekend everyone !


  1. I have hundreds of 2011 Ginter for trade. Over 300 base, about 150 minis and about 6 GU. Do you have a wantlist?

    1. Thanks Tony, I have a wantlist on my blog but I still have to add my A&G needs which will take a little bit of work. I am currently studying for an exam in 2 weeks time (and spending time on your blog, participating in the contest) so after that I will add A&G to my wantlist as well (and contact you !). Thank !

  2. Cool. I did see your wantlist but no Ginter. Let me know what you need when your ready and we'll get something sorted out. Good luck in the exam.

  3. Robert is one of the best guys out there. He and trade all the time.

  4. I love Robert's blog. I think we've traded around 7 or 8 times.

  5. Looks like a great trade. I wish Edwin Jackson would have had more success and would be able to stick with a team for a while.

  6. watch out, your monkey is being chased by a devil!!