Monday, February 18, 2013

137 Numbered Glavines & Dimwit Loot !!

As usual I had the pleasure of participating in another cool group break, hosted by Sam at the Daily Dimwit. Sam was opening Topps 2013 as well as some 2005 Topps Chrome. As the Yankees were taken I went for the Cubs and the Marlins and scored a few nice (insert) cards.

In addition to the box break loot, Sam also helped me out big time as he was willing to receive a package of Glavines for me from eBay (as the seller didn't want to ship to Europe). I am so happy that Sam was willing to help me out here as this was an awesome pile of numbered Glavine cards !!!!

What are these cool Glavine cards you are talking about you must think ?!? Well, as some of you might know I am trying to complete the Moments & Milestones insert set, consisting of over 300 different numbered Glavine cards (with actually 4 different colour versions so make that over 1200 cards!!!). Through Sam I was able to receive 137 Glavine cards, all numbered to 150 (the white version) !!! Here are a few !

So I very happy Glavine supercollector here and if you have any of the 2007 or 2008 Moments & Milestones let me know so we can set up a trade !!

On the box break I got 3 nice cards, in addition to a lot of base cards. First-up a great Cut to the Chase insert, these are awesome and I am working on completing the full set.

Sam also pulled a relic for me, a nice one I must say, Starlin Castro of the Cubs !

Lastly, another one of the Chasing the Dream inserts I was still missing, here's Stanton !
All in all another cool break by Sam but to be honest I more happy with the pile of 137 (!!) new Glavines !! Many thanks Sam for helping me out here.

Thanks for visiting my blog again and check out my Want List as I still need some of the Topps 2013 inserts and SPs.



  1. I've bought several boxes of Moments and Milestones. I'm sure I'll have a handful of Glavines for you. I'd love to find a way to pry that Castro relic from you.

    I'm also looking to get another small cheap group break happening in the near future. If you end up in on that, maybe we can get a combo package working.

    I'll email you sometime this week with my M&M list

  2. Castro needs to step if up this year.

  3. Good job Sam! Way to knock off a chunk of that want list.