Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking a small break to study !

Although I am not a student anymore I do need to do some exams from time to time. March is that time ! So I need to focus and study hard the coming two weeks in a quest to actually pass my exam. Therefore, I will take a small break from the blog. Yes, I know it will be hard but I am confident you will survive for two weeks without me !! Nevertheless, having just send out a few packages again it does not mean nobody will receive any cards from Holland the coming weeks so be on the look-out !!

To finish with a card, here is one of my latest additions to my Glavine Collection !! A great Premier Stitching card numbered to only 25 !

Hope to see you back here soon !


  1. I feel like I've seen this card before or maybe that one was autographed. Regardless, another great card!

  2. I agree with Daniel, second time around for this card, still very nice looking though.