Monday, February 4, 2013

Why, Why Hurts !!

My first official "complaint post" in the history of this blog (or at least as far as I can remember!). In the last few days I found out that the dear friends at the USPS almost DOUBLED postage for sending a simple yellow envelop with a few baseball cards to Europe. The official rate went from something like $3.99 to $6.99. I hear the USPS is close to bankruptcy so I can imagine why they do it but it does still hurt.....On eBay most sellers have quickly adjusted postage already so instead of my starting bid for a card being $3.99 in postage (+ usually at least $0.99) the bidding for me already starts at $6.99 + $0.99, so around $8.

This is very annoying and likely drives me to only do a bit more higher-end cards through eBay and/or Glavines I really really want (because I need to feed the hunger here of course !!). It will likely also drive me more towards COMC.

At the same time of course I fear that trades will be harder to accomplish with all of you, not from my perspective as prices to send stuff from here to the US has not changed, but I can imagine that people will now start thinking twice about setting up a trade, in particular for base cards. I won't blame anyone and always feel free to say "no" to any trade suggestions I make (because my suggestions will continue :-))

On the box break front I am planning to continue to participate as long as the organisers let me :-) Of course I will pay extra for postage so feel free to, and simply do, require that from me....

Let me end my rant here and thanks everyone for listening !! And before I forget, let me honor my "at least one card per post"policy so here's one that I was able to pick-up before the postage increase !! A cool Sabathia mini relic from the 2011 Lineage set !


  1. I'll gladly ship to you still, but I probably won't be having a box break anytime soon.

  2. Our trades are always worth the worries here!

  3. I complained about this last year, too. And the prices are going up again at the end of the month (although fortunately not overseas mail this time)!

  4. still need to do a box break. hell, a case break