Friday, February 8, 2013

Series 1, Box 1: Hits & Inserts !

Like last year I couldn't help myself and ordered 4 hobby boxes as I love to open packs of wax !! As I have a 1 week delay given the travel distance most cards has already been across the blogosphere (and back) and people are gradually getting tired of seeing more Series 1 basecards (I assume). So therefore, I won't bore you with any basecards and will focus solely on the hits and inserts !

I think that 2013 Series 1 has the best inserts of the last decade, I seem to like them all !! But before we move to the inserts let's start with the hits or actually 1 hit per box..........for me that was.....a redemption.......I am starting to get a bit annoyed with redemption cards. This is my 3rd one and I have never actually received a redemption card (although the Topps site indicates it has "shipped", whatever that may mean....). Nevertheless, it could be a cool card once it arrives somewhere in the future !

Now let's start with the inserts ! One of the most awesome inserts: Cut to the Chase ! Really nice beautiful thick and strong cards ! Box 1 had my first 3, Gwynn, Musial and McCutchen !

Almost as cool are the "The Greats" inserts, really nice thick cards as well. Here are Pujols and Henderson. I noticed they put in a Glavine as well !!! The first Glavine card in a few years I think so great news !! Sadly enough I didn´t pull any yet....

That's not all, Topps put in another nice inserts set, "Calling Card". Really like this one as well (I am starting to sound like a Topps groupie!)

The Chasing the Dream inserts also look nice. I really like the Rizzo as I attended his debut game at the Cubs in which he played very well and had several hits !

As you know, I am a big fan of minis and Series 1 also has minis !!!

Lastly, Topps has a Chasing History insert set as well (we seem to be "chasing" this year!). They as well look cool, the only downside is that they should start to put in some Glavine and Blyleven ! Still, very happy to pull Sabathia, Seaver and Nolan !!

Given that I like all the insert sets I am going to chase them all ! A nice challenge for 2013 !

That's it for today, thanks for the visit ! Be on the look out for some cool pulls from box 2 in the coming days!


  1. I'll be looking to unload many of my inserts, especially Calling Cards.

    1. Happy to receive whatever you can unload, my want list is up. Will check your want list to see if we can set something up !

  2. love the Rickey Henderson card...can't wait to open my box and see what i get!

  3. the calling card insert sketch design is sweet!

  4. nice hit on the cabrera.
    HOFer for sure