Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Dimwit Loot !

I recently participated in a cool box break by Sam at TheDailyDimwit, breaking several boxes including 2011 Allen & Ginter, 2011 Lineage, 2006 Ovation and 2011 Topps Chrome. I was in time to claim the Yankees with the randomizer giving me the Brewers. Here's a portion of what was included in the package !!

Let's start with the hits...and I was lucky enough to have a few !! Another Hector Noesi card for my Yankees collection although he is not a Yankee anymore...same for Burnett and given that I already own one of these it is up for trade !!

The loot also included a numbered Robinson Cano and a very cool Sabathia for my player collection !

Mariano Rivera was also present so I could add a Lineage Stand-up card to my Rivera PC !

I really like the Ovation set from 2006, one that I have been able to complete and for which I am only looking for some "gold" variations. Here are two examples, both for trade !

All in all a cool break so thanks very much for organising it Sam! Looking forward to the next one!

By the way, I have plenty of 2011 Lineage, 2011 A&G and 2006 Ovations for trade so if you still need anything from these sets let me know ! When it comes to trading however, I am going to complain a little in the next few days so stay tuned !!

Thanks for the visit today !


  1. Lineage and '11 A&G, eh? Those are two sets I need to get needs together for. I'll keep you in mind when I get those put together.

    1. Let me know when you have your Wants List ready and i will try to make a big dent in them !

  2. Nice Yankees cards! Love the design on the Ovation cards!

  3. yes, the ovation was a very cool design, especially with the embossing.

  4. Ugh, a post of all Yankees. I don't know what to say ...

  5. sparkly CC and his belly
    See a theme here?

  6. I like Chrome and I like the Dimwit. Yankees...not so much. Glad you do.