Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pin relic cards: Sabathia !

Pin cards, a new concept for me but when I noticed that several of the pitchers I collect had one in Series 1 the "Chase" began ! I was able to score my first last week, a cool, very thick, Sabathia (and to be clear I mean the card!). Like with the Rizzo my nervousness caused me to bid on two of these and I won them both..... So now one is up for trade, preferably for one of the other CY Young pin cards of Kershaw, Verlander or Lincecum !!

Here's Sabathia in Indian's gear !

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  1. I said it before, but I like these cards. i know a lot of people aren't fans of them but I like them.

  2. I like these manufactured relics, but don't know how much of a premium they placed above the base set?

  3. hefty hefty hefty
    like the trash bag