Saturday, February 9, 2013

Series 1, Box 2: Hits & Inserts !!

Another day, another box break ! Yesterday I showed you the content of the first box I broke. Today, it's time to check-out box 2 !!

Let's start with the hit of the break, a Stan Musial Jersey card !! A lot has been said about the authenticity of jersey cards, but at least the cloth really looks old (so I am telling myself it must be real !!).

Another three awesome Cut to the Chase cards !

The great The Greats inserts !!

Chasing the Dream inserts

A couple of calling cards as well as a numbered base card to #/99, Ayala of the Orioles !

Here are the minis !!!!!!!

A few Chasing History inserts

That was box 2, stay tuned for box 3 with more awesome Hits & Inserts !!


  1. Nice !!

    My only complaint about the set is the lack of Indians !

    I was going through some old cards and found two Dutch players.
    1995 Score rookies Rikkert Faneyte and Robert Eenhoorn if you are interested I'll send them your way !

  2. I believe the Ayala is Desert Camo

  3. How can you do better than Ripken? Stan Musial, yep that will do it!

  4. that Stan Musial Jersey card is frickin awesome!!

  5. Of all the relics you could pull that is a beauty! Congrats.