Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Giveaway !!

So, apparently I have less than 24 people reading my blog....or at least less than 24 that actually want Free Million Dollar Chase codes ! Well, let's take a positive view and assume that a lot of you just had issues leaving a comment last week, were on holiday and/or had some other very good excuse to miss my free giveaway when I published my original post Wanna join the Million Dollar Chase ?

So if you haven't received a free code yet from me do check out the original post and leave a comment there ! I still have around 10 codes to hand out !!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. I share the share the same problem with you. Europe is still seen as a kingdom far far away..

    Only we'r not a kingdom in some countries and we are not *that* far away.

    I too have a couple of million dollar cards. If anyone wants I'll give the codes happily.

  2. You've definitely got more than 24 readers!

  3. I don't think that's a problem for you anymore!