Monday, February 11, 2013

Series 1, Box 4: Hits & Inserts !!

Another day, another box. Today box 4, my last one. Like previous days let's focus only on the Hits & Inserts !!

Let's kick-off with the hit of the box, a Brian Wilson jersey card. I am a little disappointed that out of the 4 boxes I did not pull any autograph, but I guess that's how it goes. I am not a big Wilson fan so this one is up for trade !

Three more great Cut to the Chase cards !

More Minis !!!!! But again exactly the same ones as an earlier box....bad luck indeed ! So all for trade as I am trying to complete the full minis set !!

The cards are Great !!

More Chasing the Dream cards !

Chasing History !

Calling cards with a new Lincecum for my PC and I think I already pulled Dickey in an earlier box so up for trade I guess !

I didn't dive into the whole variation SPs yet but I suspect that this could be a variation SP !

That's it for this years Series 1 box breaks. Although the "hits" were just alright I really like the inserts this year so will "chase" them all !! Now please check out my 2013 Series 1 Want List and let the trading begin !

Thanks for the visit today !


  1. The A-Rod is indeed a variation short print. Nice pull.

    If I could get that Santana mini from you'd I'd be very pleased.

  2. If they are doubles could I get the agonz and kershaw minis?

  3. It looks like A-Rod is kissing that guy. I love the beard on the Brian Wilson card!