Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Roadkill Trade, part 1

I recently completed one of the biggest trades in my baseball collecting career with Duane at Democratic Roadkill, a trade largely focussed on my growing love for minis !! The trade completed several sets for me and gave me a big help with my quests to complete several of the Allen & Ginter minis sets. Given the size of the trade I will split it over several posts in the coming days !!

First up Joey Votto, a very important card. Why you may ask ? Well, it was the last 2011 Allen & Ginter card I still needed to complete the base set !!

Duane also helped me a lot with my quest to complete the Allen & Ginter 2008 base set although I still need a few so do check out my Want List ! Here are a few that Duane send me, two Rookie cards !

In addition to finishing my 2011 A&G base set, Duane also send me the last two 2012 A&G base cards I still needed so that set is now completed as well !!!

Duane also included some Masterpieces, black-border Masterpieces to be exact. I continue to feel this is one of the best sets I have come across in the last decade, beautifull cards !! Here's Verlander and Ford !

To close today's post Part 1 let me close with some 2008 SP Authentic, a set I am trying to complete and Duane helped me on my way with...only 3 more to go !!!

That's it for today. Be on the look-out for the minis part of the trade tomorrow !!! Thanks Duane for some great cards and thanks everyone for visiting my blog today !


  1. Thanks!!! I realized one thing with your last post...I forgot to include the gypsy queen minis I had in the package...d'oh!
    I also found a dealer at the local card show that has a pile of minis at .25/ and seeing as how i picked it clean of the good ginter cards....its now mainly GQ minis, including black and different back GQs.... I looked into what the different GQs minis were and with the variations and different backs, my head started hurting as to what all I needed to be looking for.... no collecting them for me... but i will see what rarer ones are in there for you if i make it back there.

  2. MORNEAU! Sorry. I get excited whenever I see Twins. :)

  3. Congrats on finishing the set! Love the Masterpieces!

  4. Congrats on finishing the set! Love the Masterpieces as well!

  5. Russell.
    What could have been with my team

  6. Duane is the king of Minis and that black bordered Verlander is amazing.