Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plain Grey Swatch Loot !!

I recently received a cool package from Roy at Plain Grey Swatch, one of my regular trading partners ! Roy had several of Topps Series 1 inserts for me available and a bunch of cool Yankees cards and Glavines !!

Here's what Roy send me !! First up Chris Sale Chasing the Dream and Chipper Chasing History !! I am chasing both insert sets so these help me on my way !!

Roy also had 2 silver foil Chasing History cards for me, 2 of my favourite Yankees pitchers: Rivera and Sabathia !!

Roy also send me 2 numbered Pieces of History, Rodriguez and Damon !

One can never go wrong with Glavine, here are two !!

The Flying Dutchman mini !! I am still trying to complete the set and nicely on my way, if you have some for trade let me know !! Also a great gold Mesa !

Lastly (although Roy send me much more) a cool Sabathia inset from 2010 Allen & Ginter !!

Thanks Roy for a great trade, looking forward to the next one !

Thanks all for visiting my blog today !


  1. The Yankees are already piling up again. I'll let you know when something good comes along.

    Always a pleasure!

  2. Lovely Chris Sale insert. I got his mini but the Chasing the Dream photo is quite better!

  3. Love the Mo card! Must have been one of his many saves!

  4. CC rears his stomach around once more