Friday, March 29, 2013

A Rivera Timeline, Guaranteed by Panini !!

Quick post today and some new Mariano Rivera cards I received recently. Two Panini Prime Cuts cards, from the Timeline relic insert set. The first one with his number 42, numbered to 42.

The second card also looks nice and is numbered to only 25 so a pretty rare one. To make one feel comfortable Panini added the phrase "The enclosed material is guaranteed by Panini America". Feeling comfortable yet ! It is really a shame that they can't be any specific, I mean, how do you mean "guaranteed by Panini"...what are we guaranteeing ? I would love to see a card that actually mentions the specific event, that would be awesome....yes, I'll keep dreaming !!
Well, let's hope Mariano has a great final year of his Yankees career, he deserve it !!

Thanks for visiting my blog again today !


  1. Great relics of the best closer of all-time!

  2. Guaranteed for what? I can guarantee it's material too, just by feeling it...

  3. Is the Rivera one relic with three windows, or three separate pieces?

  4. whats better than a pinstripe? three
    nice pick up

  5. Are they guaranteeing that they made the card? Weird.