Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring has arrived !!

Well, not exactly, in Holland it's still pretty cold with no spring in sight. However, last week a nice pile of Spring Fever cards arrived at my doorstep, a pile I was able to get on the cheap. I actually like this set a lot, these are really nice looking cards of a cool selection of players.

Here are the first ones, Trout and Rizzo. I am starting to like Rizzo a lot and he played very well during the Baseball Classics as well so I might start a PC on him at some point.

Here's Wright, the Captain, and Boone Logan from the Yankees bullpenn.

A Golden Oldie, Stan Musial, and a hot Cano who was the baseball Classic's MVP earlier this month !

Two more cards before I call it a day, Hamilton in Angels Jersey and the only Dutch player in the set, Profar, who joined Holland in the Semis during the Baseball Classics.

That's it, a cool set and happy to cross it of my Want List !

Thanks for visiting myt blog today !


  1. I can't wait for next spring...Spring Training that is!

  2. could use a little spring here, would love to ride my motorcycle.

  3. love the blue that pops off the cards