Thursday, March 14, 2013

A National Treasure !

Finally, finally I am done with the exam ! Or at least I have taken it, now I have to wait a few weeks to see if I actually passed it ! To me it became clear that I am getting too old to study.....if the summary of the literature is already a 1,000 pages and you have two kids running around the house it does bring some extra challenges !!

As a "reward" for all the hard work I am taking my wife on a small break the next few days but I, of course, I also went on eBay to get me a nice new card. A National Treasure to be exact !! I actually like the National Treasure set and feel Panini is gradually improving its offering. Here's what I got. A cool Verlander booklet numbered to #/99 !!

I will be back on Monday and will start working on my rapidly expanding backlog of trade posts !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. nice verly, love the jumbo orange jersey.

  2. did not realize there was that much orange in the Detroit uni!!

  3. does the wife approve of your hooby? mine turns a blind eye most times

  4. You should reward yourself more often!