Monday, March 18, 2013

Trade with the Sandlot !

I am finally back so stay tuned for a stream of posts in the coming period !! I received multiple trade packages and had some boxes to break as well while also had some eBay scores ! Let's start today with a nice package from one of my regular trading partners Joe at The Sandlot !! Joe and I have exchanged multiple packages in the recent year with piles of Piazza's going his way and fun Yankees and pitchers coming my way. This time was no different !! Here's what Joe send me !

Let's Cut to the Chase with Babe Ruth !! A great insert set and I am chasing them all so this one was very welcome !! At the same time I am also Chasing History with a Hank Aaron that was also still missing. Still a couple of inserts to go from 2013 Series One so check out my Want List in case you have stuff to trade !!

Joe also send me a Red-bordered Jeter, a great card as these red and blue variations are not really available for overseas collectors (retail only). I also like this Turkey Red one !

I like pitchers so really like this Sports Illustrated about Wells perfect game !! Also a cool new Rivera for my Rivera PC !!

Two great Heritage cards, Gehrig and Matsui MVP !!

Lastly, one more "Chasing History" for my set !

This was only a small selection of what Joe send me, a cool pile of cards !! Thanks very much Joe for a great trade, looking forward to the next one !!

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone !


  1. Love that you led off with Ruth and Aaron in this post!

  2. Ah yes, 2009, the year I was really introduced to baseball.

  3. That David Wells card is kinda funny. He's a load!