Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kershaw Threads

In the last few months I have been chasing some of Kershaw's Triple Threads cards. I already showed two of his before so here are three more, two greenies and one bronze ! Let's start with the greenies, both numbered to 18 so not easy to get and therefore took me a while.

 The bronze ones are a little bit more common, numbered to 27 but still, fairly rare in my book !

All in all some nice additions to my nicely growing Kershaw collection. Be on the look out for a big, big Kershaw post in the next two weeks after a great win recently on eBay when a Kershaw collector decided to put all his cards on the Bay !

Thaniks for visiting my blog again !


  1. You must have enough swatches to put together a whole Kershaw jersey!

  2. it would be the first patchwork jersey... think about it...

  3. can never have enough Kershaw cards

  4. I'm with Daniel, start sewing that jersey together!