Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Received a 1/1 printing plate twice !

Printing Plates....I am not a huge collector of printing plates...they have something cool but at the same time they don´t look nice...so sometimes I feel like chasing them and sometimes I don´t feel like chasing them at all. A few weeks back I was in a `let´s chase this printing plate` mood. I actually noticed 2 printing plate of Tom Glavine (who else!) which seem to be attractively priced. These were sold by different sellers.

Both arrived last week. Here they are !

Only when they arrived and when I looked closely I noticed that they seem to be for the same card, 2002 Fleer Box Score !! I always thought that these printing plates were #1/1 but all of a sudden I had 2, from different sellers in a timespan of a week, talk about coincidence !! It seems to me that the second one has been heavily used and probably replaced by the first one after a while !

So another printing plate for my Glavine collection. Let´s chase the actual card that was printing by them as I noticed I don´t even own the card itself yet !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Usually there are 4 different plates with different colors, I think they are black, magenta, cyan and yellow. Check the back, it might show which is which.

    Congrats on a couple cool pickups. I really like those Box Score all star cards!

  2. Nice pickup! I wonder what the odds are of finding two of the same player from the same 11 year old set on eBay at the same time.

    You might have two colors, and it could say on the back. Plates tend to come in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, though it isn't always obvious which color you have (there may not even be any ink remnants). If that's the case, you have half the set!

    1. Doh! arpsmith beat me to it while I was reading and typing...

  3. I feel the same about printing plates. I am glad you sent me the Arencibia mini, though. I love that one.

    Some of them are kind of creepy. I had a yellow JPA from 2012 Archives that I bought for $16. I sold that in a package to another JPA collector on ebay for $47. He just wanted it more.

  4. Yeah, big coincidence to find them in the same week. No sticker on the back like the more recent printing plates so no clue as to what colours they were/are...

  5. printing plates are a little odd, but cool no less. great finds. the only problem now is that you have to get all 4 colors :)

  6. Crazy, but awesome coincidence! I'm with the other guys. I think you have the black and cyan plates. Which is which, though, I couldn't tell you. Great finds regardless!

  7. Great pick-ups! Only 2 more to go!

  8. yeah, got to agree about the appearance factor.

  9. Same feeling on printing plates here

  10. I'd only want plates for the guys I collect. I have three Derek Holland plates from 2013 Chrome.