Friday, March 22, 2013

Great Cool Rocking Loot aka a package from GCRL

Oke so with the work on a original title done let's keep this post simple :-)) I recently send a trade package with some Dodgers to Jim at Garey Cey Russell Lopes. Two weeks back I received a nice package back from Jim with some cool cards !! Here they are !

First up some CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera, my favourite Yankees !! A really nice Sabathia card while the Rivera is a special NYY2 from the Yankees set.

Jim also send me two cool Heritage cards from the 2009 set, Glavine (one cannot go wrong there!!) and Verlander.

More pitchers, another Sabathia and a cool Seaver card !

Kershaw was also present ! A nice National Chicle I didn't have yet and Opening Day 2010 !

Let's finish with a nice Allen & Ginter Red Wolf mini !! One of the Animals in Peril minis I was still missing so much appreciated Jim !!

Thanks Jim for a nice package !! Thanks for visiting my blog today everyone !! Be on the look-out for a minis party in the coming days !!