Sunday, June 2, 2013


Once every few months a spend a few hours on COMC to compile a small package of cards. I recently got one of those package with some cards for my player collections, mostly Glavine, Blyleven and Sabathia. I usually focus a bit on numbered cards and lower-end stuff so I can combine shipping and save a lot of money vs eBay. Here they are !

First-up, two Triple Threads parallels ! Very happy with the blue version, numbered to only 25 !

Two Sabathia parallels from Gypsy Queen 2011 and 2012. I really like these framed cards !

My only auto card of the pack, a cheap Blyleven which I didn't own yet !

A few relic cards I included as well, both Glavine during his Mets years.

Furthermore, two of the Moments & Milestone cards I am trying to complete. A great challenge but a fun one !

Lastly, a cool Blyleven and another Glavine !!

That's it, I am already looking forward to the next COMC visit !!