Thursday, June 13, 2013

National Treasures: Up and Coming Yankees

Panini launched its National Treasures set a few months back. Although it's Panini I do believe they decent job and the cards are actually quite nice. Still, consensus seem to dislike them and as a result I was able to pick up a few "new" Yankees on the cheap !! Here they are !

First up David Phelps, who made his Yankees debut slightly over a year ago . He has been mixed since then and has moved around from starting pitcher to bullpen and back. Hope he will do well in the coming years !

Next-up are two cool cards from Yankees "new" catcher Austin Romine !! He played a little in 2011 and only recently "rejoined" the Yankees after Cervelli got hurt. Hope he sticks around !

That's it for today. I like the National Treasures set and hope to pick-up some more ! What do you guys think ?


  1. Those are very sharp looking cards - I have never seen them before?!?

    Sure helps that they're Yanks, too. I had missed the fact that you were a fan of the Bombers. Interesting....we both like pinstripes and Rizzo.

    Good taste!

    1. Yep go figure that someone else also collects Yankees and Rizzo !

  2. looks like a bruise!! Black and Blue, very nice though.

  3. For a non licensed set, those look pretty sweet!

  4. I'm down with the black and white set. Looks different.