Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My first Redemption !!

Last week I received my first ever Topps redemption, a Triple Crown Miguel Cabrera !! A was a little worried that the redemption scheme might not work when based in the Netherlands but it arrived safe and sound. With some Glavine Tribute redemption still to come I am hopefull these will arrive safely as well !! Here's the Triple Corwn card, a cool one !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. You are so lucky! I tried to get my cards from last year million cards and Topps told me they would not send anything outside US and Canada.

    But glad you got it! Mister Triple-Crown looks good.

    1. Yeah, they do do redemptions but no milion dollar chase or wrapper stuff...

  2. Great looking card! He had one heck of a season!

  3. I still have 6 waiting in the system. Congrats on getting one to you

  4. That's the first I've seen of those. Congrats on getting your redemption filled.