Friday, June 7, 2013

Museum Score !!

I was recently chasing a Kershaw Museum Collection Quad Qualities card. However, the card was offered as part of a package of several Museum cards. I was shocked that I won the complete package for only $26. Before we move to the trade bait let's have a look at the Kershaw shall we !!

Cool card in my view. That was not all as the package include 2 more cards for my collection. One of the Kershaw's numbered base cards and also a Maury Wills Auto card, although I am not a Dodger collector I am going to add that one to my Legends collection !

But....that was not all, the pack included some more cool cards !! Let's have a look at this Chad Billingsley Primary Pieces relic card, numbered to only 75 !!

But...that was not all, it included another Chad Billingsley Primary Pieces relic card, this one numbered to only 25 !!!

Lastly, the pack included a Duke Snider numbered base card !!

All of the above for close to $25, a real lucky break I had there ! The Snider and the Billingsley are for trade so happy to entertain any offers and set up a trade !!


  1. Nice, nice snag! You gotta share your auction search parameters with me - I'll buy ya a beer?

    I like that Duke :)

    1. Well, search parameters are nothing special, smply Kershaw Relic and checking it every day, no magic involved, although the bidding ended while the US was sleeping so that might have helped !

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  3. can't go wrong with the Duke, even if it's not John Wayne

  4. Great looking cards! I don't think I've ever seen a Museum Collection card that I didn't like.