Monday, June 3, 2013

Cardboard Conundrum loot !!

Quick post today as every trade deserves a post ! I recently expressed some interest in a Lincecum card, pulled by Matt at Cardboard Conundrum, the start of a cool trade ! This is the card the trade started with, a cool, very thick card, celebrating his 2008 CY Young Award. Not sure if he can regain his old form again in the coming years, let's hope so !!

Matt also found some cards from my Want List, 2 beautifull "The Greats" inserts !

A Calling Card was also present, it's Youkilis !

Lastly, Matt included a Chasing History insert card of Buehrle I still needed !

Thanks Matt for the trade, looking forward to the next one !!


  1. Awesome. As pure coincidence, I got your end of the deal just today. Glad you like the cards.

  2. Good to hear they arrived safely, hope you like them !

  3. seems weird seeing Youkilis not in a Red Sox uni

  4. I like those CY Young cards. I picked up the Brandon Webb card and love it.