Saturday, June 29, 2013

Archives loot !!

Achives !! Well acutally I don't like this year's archives a lot. Still, a group break is always fun so I joined Chris' his break at Nachos Grande a few weeks ago. The package arrived last week and here is the loot !!

First up, two of the "hits" !! Yogi Berra in the best inserts of the set, Gallery of Heroes ! Babe Ruth was also present in this cool looking parallel !

Next up two of my favourite Yankees, Rivera and Sabathia !

Tall minis, this is a new version of the minis Topps is putting in every set it seems these days. I need to get use to these ones I guess...

Two more, or actually 5 more, Yogi again and a 4 Yankees card including Rivera !

Lastly, my random team were the Astros, they only have 1 card and I got three of them, all for trade for that one Astros collector out there :-))

That was another fun break by Chris, looking forward to the next !


  1. can't go wrong with a couple Berra's and a Babe!! very cool.

  2. The Gallery of Heroes cards are great! I love old school players on newer cards!

  3. I love those Gallery of Heroes cards. Really well done in my opinion.