Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Pitcher with a Bat !!

Kershaw is quickly becoming the main focus of my collection (after Glavine of course!). Topps Museum Collection this year has a couple of great Kershaw cards. Last week I was able to pick a Jumbo Lumber card which looks pretty cool )although the bat is of course ot from any specific game, event or season, as Topps nicely puts it !).

I am planning to chase some more Kershaw Museum Collection cards so wish me luck ! Thanks for the visit today !


  1. That's gorgeous! I really want to try and get one of these autographed on the wood. I'd love to get Kershaw to sign that card. I wanna test it out first though on another player so I picked up a Jason Kubel bat card. I'm gonna try to get Kubel to sign it. If it turns out nice, Kershaw will be next.

    1. If it works that would be an awesome card, good luck !

  2. wonder what would work?? I think a sharpie, even fine pointed, would bleed.

  3. Love the jumbo bat relics! I actually have a Kubel as well and wanted to get it signed, but didn't have a chance before he got traded.

  4. i lost out on multiple auctions for this card

  5. It's nice they have a picture of him batting to go with the bat relic. Someone over there was actually thinking for a change.