Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Series 2: For Trade !

So each year I love to open a few boxes of Topps Series 1 & 2 and this year was no different !! I was able to complete the base set and have a pile of base for trade. Furthermore, and disappointing, all the inserts of 2 of the boxes were the same so I still need a lot of inserts. The good news for all of you, I have stuff to trade !!

Let's start with the hits ! Two for trade, one to keep ! Some metal first, a Mike Trout Proven Mettle.

The second one was a Chasing History relic: Alex Gordon !

Lastly, the hit I am keeping (although it's one from my least favourite Yankee to be honest)

Now let's move to the insert, all are for trade as these were are doubles. First up, the Minis !

Next up, my favourite insert, inline with The Greats of Series 1, meet The Elite !

My 2nd favourite insert set, Cut to the Chase ! Still trying to complete the Series 1 insert set as well !

Two more inserts, Making their Mark and World Baseball Classics, I like them, Topps did a good job on the insert side with Series 2 (yes, I said it!).

Lastly, a few coloured parallels, one pink for the ladies (#/50) and a black one (#/62)

That's it, happy to set-up trades so check out my Want List for my insert needs !


  1. I think he's EVERYBODY'S least favorite Yankmee.

  2. I love the black numbered parallels!

  3. Trout
    Best everyday player in baseball

  4. That reminds me of the old Pinnacle cards with coins/tokens. I'm sure they were much less hefty than Trout.