Sunday, June 16, 2013

A UK Trade !!!

I finally found another way of getting rid of my Red Sox cards (instead of burning them or throwing them away!). John at Pursuitof80s blog, another baseball card collector based in Europe (UK) like me, collects Red Sox cards !!

I send him a bunch of Red Sox cards and a return package arrived at my doorstep earlier this week. Some cool cards from my Want list were included and some cool Yankees cards as well !! Here they are !!

First up a great Jeter 2010 Heritage card, numbered to only 61 !! In addition, one of the very cool Cut to the Chase cards !

Next up minis !! I love minis and still trying to complete several minis sets so these additions are very helpful !! Another mini for my Kershaw collection as well !!

Next up, a great 2011 Gypsy Queen card, I still only have a few of the base cards so still looking for loads of them. Also a cool mascot card (3 more to go I think!).

2009 Allen & Ginter !! Like 2011 GQ I only have a few 2009 A&G yet so still need a lot including this one ! Also the most hated Yankee (also by me to be honest), A-Rod.

Two young Jeter cards were included as well....he looks really young here !

Lastly, 2 cards I still needed, a 2012 insert and a 2012 Archives base card !

The package included a bunch more Yankees so thanks very much John for the trade ! Great to have another place to unload my Red Sox in the future !