Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cards from Stealing Home arrive !

A fun package arrived today in my mailbox ! A while back, when lauching my new Trade Bait page, Oscar (or Stealing Home as you might him) from All Trade Bait, All The Time showed interest in one of my Matt Kemp serial numbered cards. So after mailing a bit back and forth we came to a good deal for the both of us. This was waiting for me today:

Two nice additions to my Tom Glavine collection !

 ...and a nice 2011 Topps Finest Robinson Cano card (still need some more of this set so if you have any spares check out the details on my Want List!)

To my surprise, Stealing Home added some bonus cards which included a nice selection of Yankees, I like'em so check them out !

A great package Oscar, thanks very much for the trade, appreciate it much !!  Looking forward to do more trades with you in the future !


  1. FROHE OSTERN! from the Hellweg family! Let me dig though some Glavin cards, I might be able to send you some goodies!

  2. thanks from my end as well. i'm really glad you like the cards. the netherlands now holds my record as furthest trading destination ever! looking forward to the next one.

    1. Always happy to help you set new records ! Thanks again for the cards and looking forward to a next trade !

  3. Flair was one of the nicest looking sets. The photography was phenomenal.

  4. Love the Flair Glavine! Flair was a great product back in the day!