Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nachos Grande Loot Arrives - Piazza Hits

A few weeks back Chris at Nachos Grande organised another fun box break. This time the break consisted of 2003 Donruss Team Heroes, 2002 Fleer Showcase, 2003 UD Patch Collection and 2003 Fleer Flair so a nice mix of different cards. As I missed the sign-up due to the time difference (a man's gotta sleep at some point right!) the Yankees were already taken so I decided to take the Mets to have a shot at some Glavine cards. The randomizer gave me the Expos as well and the break gave me some nice cards so let's have a look !

First up the UD Patch Collection. This is a set I really like and recently decided to try to complete so these were nice additions to my collection !

Next up, 2 Fleer sets and 1 new addition to my Glavine collection !

Cracker Jacks also joined the box break party !

Lastly, some cards from Team Heoes and some more Fleer, including 2 Piazza cards

So what about the hits ? Well I had 2 great Piazza hits, 2 nice relic cards, both in Mets uniform.

Lastly, also a few Guerrero cards fom when he was playing for the Expos

All in all another fun break so thanks for making it happen Chris (and thanks for the nice sticker, my son likes it!)

Have a good weekend everyone !


  1. Nice! If those Piazzas are up for trade, I'll have to find you something for them. If they're not, then...well, I'll still have to find you something!

  2. Vladdy looks like he got scared on that Flair card.

  3. Piazza! It's a shame he's still not in the Hall.

  4. Never been a fan of the non MLB cards but nice pickups

  5. I actually have the two Piazza relics you posted, which is good because I'm assuming you don't still have them.

  6. look at that! Boone is wearing the #17!!