Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rivera Tribute Arrives !

Last week I showed you a 2009 Topps Tribute Relic card of Hanley Ramirez (check post here). I really like the look & feel of the Topps Tribute series. That's why I started checking eBay for some of my favorite players in the 2012 Topps Tribute set (buying one of these hobby boxes is not really an option for me given the high price point). Of course the first player for me to chase was Mariano Rivera and today the first card arrived !!

A great black version of the Mariano Rivera card (#/60), a nice thick classy card. Seeing the cards in front of me and feeling the cards makes me want to chase this set further, or at least the players I collect....so stay tuned for more of Topps 2012 Tribute in the coming weeks (I hope!).

If you have any previous Topps Tribute cards from previous years for trade let me know!!


  1. These are really nice looking cards.

    1. Thanks, if I end up with any extra Yankees I will let you now !

  2. That's a very sharp Rivera card. Love the low numbering too.

  3. may have to find some of that tribute stuff...

  4. Am awesome card! I love the black background!