Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Trade Bait !

2 weeks or so ago I officially launched my Trade Bait page. This weekend, I went through some more boxes of cards and noticed several that qualify for my Trade Bait page, as they are all serial numbered, so I have included them today. Here's what I found:

First up three cards from 2005 Playoff Prestige, Akinori Otsuka (#/100), Brett Myers (#/150) and Rafael Furcal (#/25)

Two cards from 2004 Donruss Elite, Jim Rice (#/1000) and Mike Piazza (#/500, only found this one today or else I would have included it in a recent Piazza trade)

A nice Upper Deck Spectrum card of Carlos Beltran (Orange, #/399)

2007 Topps Turkey Red Chrome Francisco Rodriguez (#/1999)

Lastly, Jose Guillen in the Jersey of the Anaheim Angels (#/100)

All cards available for trade so let me know if you're interested. For the full list check out my Trade Bait page !


  1. I may very well have something for you for that Piazza! I'll shoot you an email tomorrow!

  2. I've never seen those Passing the Torch cards. They look nice.

  3. 2005? Interesting cards to say the least

  4. Great looking Piazza card, but it looks like Joe probably already claimed it.