Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just pimping a bit tonight

Not much going on tonight so I thought: Let's do some pimping ! Two of my baseballcard blogger friends (I think I can call them friends by now as they helped me out quite a bit in the hobby and let a crazy european collector join the fun box breaks and events !!) are organising a box break and a trade bait draft !

Kyle at Juuust a bit outside is organising a box break and the fun thing is that you have to bid for your team soa great chance to participate in a box break at an attractive price ! He is breaking 2008 SP Authentic,2005 Topps Chrome Series 2, 2003 Flair and 2003 Bazooka sodo pay his blog a visit, check it out and join the fun !

Sam at The Daily Dimwit is organising a Trade Bait Draft with some great Auto, Relic and parallel & insert cards. He still has a few open spots so hurry and check out the Draft !

Enjoy the weekend everyone, doing a quick trip to London and will be back on Tuesday !


  1. Have a safe trip!
    Don't forget my Doctor Who cards!! ; )

  2. Pimping ain't easy, but it gets you an entry in a contest sometimes! I went to London back in 1999. Loved it.

  3. It's always time to pimp.

    Do you know what I am saying?

  4. You pimped a contest to get spots and now we are commenting on your pimping to get contest spots!

  5. commenting and pimping and commenting and pimping, it's a vicious cycle!!