Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loot from JABO !

A big box of cards arrived at my doorstep today from my friend Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside. Close to 200 cards were in the box !!! A few weeks ago Kyle organized a fun box break, breaking 2012 Heritage, 2011 Bowman Platinum, 2007 UD SP Authentic and 2004 Fleer Platinum. I had the Yankees and the Tigers and had some great pulls ! In addition, Kyle did a break break a few weeks before as well and also threw in those cards. If that wasn't enough, Kyle added a big pile of random Yankees cards which made my day (those I will show in the next few days). Thanks Kyle for your generosity !!

Here is a selection of the box-break cards. First up, 2012 Heritage

Two of my favorite Yankee Pitchers, Rivera and Sabathia 

Two Heritage stickers, again of some of my favorite Pitchers !

More Verlander and Sabathia, this time from Bowman Platinum

The hit of the break (at least for me) was a Bowman Platinum Autograph by Hector Noesi. In the mean time of course he has been traded and is no longer a Yankee. Still, a nice on-card auto !

The break also included some SP Authentic, above two of my Yankee pulls, Jeter and Wang

To finish off two more of the pitchers I collect: Rivera and Glavine !

Thanks Kyle for another fun box break (or actually two box breaks). Note that Kyle is organizer two (!) more box breaks over the coming weeks including 2012 Gypsy Queen so do check out his blog !

In the coming days I will post the pile of random Yankees cards Kyle send me which contained some great cards !!

Have a good weekend everyone !