Monday, March 5, 2012

Chipper Jones #/5 Button card !

Last week I showed you some of my best pulls from the Allen & Ginter series, a product with a look and feel I really like. This week I am planning to show you some of my more exciting non-A&G pulls since I started collecting last year. Let's start with a great pull from Upper Deck A Piece of History 2008, Stadium Scenes....

Yes, a really beautiful Chipper Jones card, numbered 4/5 with his button, my one and only "button" card I own. A very lucky pull that, at some point in the future, I should be able to trade for a very nice addition to one of my player collections !

More pulls coming in the next few days so watch out for my best Topps Finest Auto & Relic pulls including the Angels, Astros, Dodgers and Cubs !


  1. Button, button...whos' got the button? You do. Cool.

    1. hehe thanks, yeah buttons....not sure what they come up with next !

  2. That's one cool card. I see those on Ebay all the time, but never knew anyone who pulled one. Was that the only card in the pack?

  3. always found these buttons odd but Chipper is a great player

  4. I love button cards. I only have one, but it's one of my favorite cards in my collection!

  5. they will put anything on a card and we will buy it...