Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Topps Tribute - Hanley Ramirez

Finally back from a few days of exam stress during which I had to leave my blog behind but tonight I finally had some time again to spend time on my favorite hobby !! I was going through the collection I bought last September (which got me into this hobby in the first place!) and came across a very nice card which I hadn't noticed before. It's a beautiful Topps Tribute relic card  from 2009 of Hanley Ramirez (#/50). Here it is !

I really like the "classy" look and feel of the front but also the back I really like. I guess I got a thing for high-end cards....

The only "shame" is that it is Hanley Ramirez and not one of the players I actually collect. However, it did make me curious to check out the Topps Tribute series, a bit to expensive for my liking but I am going to chase the Yankees cards of this set anyways, in particular the ones of Sabathia and Rivera.

In case you have some of these Yankees cards for trade let me know ! I am planning to set-up my own trade bait page in the coming 2 weeks so will keep you posted !

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you back soon !