Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mariano Rivera Gold Auto card !!!

I wish.............As you are probably well aware, yesterday was the last day that you could send in your Topps 2012 wrappers to participate in Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption. Well, did I have some wrapper to send in !!! As I bought six boxes of Topps 2012, I had 216 wrappers to send in. At first I didn't think about participating as collectors outside of the US are not eligible to participate in whatever redemption program Topps comes up with (which I think is silly but that's the way it is).

Luckily Kyle at Juuust a bit outside was really great and offered to combine wrappers and send them in. Of course I happily accepted his offer and send him all my wrappers on the 14th of February (yes, Valentine's day but not meant as a romantic gesture Kyle....haha). I have send several packages to the US, most recently a trade package to Robert at $30 a week habit which usually arrive in a week or so. So I thought it was going to be all oke, already looking forward to a nice golden Mariano Rivera card or maybe another of the pitchers I collect.

However, earlier this week Kyle still hadn't received any wrappers. I know Kyle lives in Hoyt and I have no clue where that is but I assumed the mail man would know ! Sadly enough, yesterday came and no wrappers..... Luckily Kyle was able to send in his own on time.

So to morale of this story: if anybody collects (expired) wrappers let Kyle know, he will be receiving a bunch at some point I guess !!!

Clearly, life is a bit more difficult being an overseas collector but I have been positively surprised by the baseball card blogging guys have been great and Kyle's willingness to help me out was another great example of that !

Many thanks to you all and thanks for reading !!!


  1. It was nothing. But I'm still really bummed out for you. They're probably sitting in customs and the guys are looking at it and saying "Really? this guy sent his trash to some dude in the middle of Kansas? It must be a terrorist plot but it sure seems like a dumb one."

    1. Hehe, wouldn't be surprised. Hope the cops don't come visit you now :-)

  2. That really sucks. I think you handled it with a better attitude than I would have.

  3. There should really be a more efficient way to ship things. Maybe one day....

  4. We all try to stick together. Great card of 42

  5. I really liked those Gold Rush cards! They had a nice feel to them.

  6. If you ever need any more help, just let me know, I'd be glad to lend you my U.S. Address to thwart Topps' anti-european tude!!