Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Tribute & Glavine !

Today it was eBay delivery day !! As I discussed before I really like this year's Topps Tribute set but given the steep price of the boxes I am skipping those and only chase the pitcher cards I want for my collection. A few weeks ago I found a great CC Sabathia Superstar Swatches card (#/99) for a very decent price. The scan does make it look much more blue that it is in reality !

In addition, I also noticed one of the base card variations (blue, #/199) for a cheap price so I picked it up as well

Lastly, I found a few nice Tom Glavine cards for my collection, the first being a Playoff Prestige Xtra Bases

Also noticed a Leather & Lumber Rivals cards I didn't have yet...

...and lastly a 2004 Tools of the Trade card, limited to #200

All in all some nice additions to my pitcher collections. As you might have noticed I am working on a complete overview of the PC cards I own so hopefully I can finish those soon !

Lastly, if anyone knows where to get a full overview of e.g. all the Tom Glavine or Mariano Rivera cards ever made please let me know so I can start collecting in a more structured way !!

Thanks for reading and watch out for more Trade Bait tomorrow !


  1. If you have an account with Beckett, they have a complete checklist for all the cards of each player. I'm not sure if it's printable or not though.

  2. I've been after some of those Tools of the Trade cards because they have pieces of shin guards and chest protectors in them.